From the Edges of Empire:

Convict Women From Beyond the British Isles


Edited by Lucy Frost & Colette McAlpine

Published by Convict Women’s Press Inc.


Launched by the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Hobart,

Alderman Sue Hickey

 November 8, 2015


From the Edges of Empire, the fifth book to be published by the highly successful Tasmanian not-for-profit publishing company Convict Women’s Press Inc. This book provides a new and previously unknown perspective on Australia’s convict history. It tells the remarkable stories of women transported to Australia who were born or tried outside the British Isles. The stirring accounts of these women’s lives in Australia remind us that the colonies were from their beginning populated by people from many cultures.

Edges of Empire includes 15 stories from 14 authors, from family historians to award-winning historians. Some of these include Alison Alexander, winner of the National Biography Award for her book on Jane Franklin, Cassandra Pybus, author of 11 books, and Ralph Crane who has written or edited 21 books.

Editor: Lucy Frost

Editor: Colette McAlpine

President Convict Women’s Press: Nicola Goc

Author: Alison Alexander


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Part 1:  The Indian Ocean

1.  Out of India:  Convict women in the web of Empire

     by Ralph Crane

2.  Exotic Cargo:  Convict women shipped from Mauritius

     by Eilin Hordvik

3.  Children in Bondage:  Elizabeth Verloppe and Constance Couronne

     by Cassandra Pybus

4.  'A Crime of Passion' ... Murder in the Seychelles

     by Eilin Hordvik

5.  Convicts from the Cape Colony

     by Kaye Buttfield

Part 2:  The Caribbean World

6.  Caribbean stories:  born in the West Indies, tried in the British Isles, transported to New South Wales

     by Jan Richardson

7.  Whitewashing Australia's convict experience: from the British Caribbean to New South Wales

     by Cheryl Griffin

8.  A homicide in the Hondura; The Grace of a Mistress; A slave's reprieve-how a teenage slave avoided the gallows in Belize

     by Darryl Massie

Part 3:  Europeans and the High Seas

9.  French Female Convicts in Van Diemen's Land

     by Alison Alexander

10. Where, Oh Where, is Eugenie Lemaire 

      by Douglas Wilkie

11. Unruly women: Julie St Clair Newman and Annette Meyers

      by Colette McAlpine and Margaret Lindley

12. How Louisa La Grange became the narrator in Alexandre Dumas's Impressions de Voyage: journal de madame Giovanni

     by Douglas Wilkie

13. Una Convicta Espanola: Adelaide de Thoreza in Botany Bay

      by Lucy Frost

14. The Elusive Iberian Connection: Catherine Ross and Helen McGee

      by Susan Ballyn and Lucy Frost

15. Born at Sea

      by Chris Leppard-Quinn

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