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Published: 2014

ISBN: 9780987144362


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Convict Lives at the George Town Female Factory is the fourth book in the Convict Lives series to be published by the Convict Women's Press. It was launched on 10 August 2014 at Cascades Female Factory Historic Site by the Honorable Elise Archer MP.

The book tells the stories of 31 convict women who spent time at the George Town Factory.  They ranged from women who spent brief periods there to other more rebellious convicts who paid ten, twelve of more visits, and were punished by solitary confinement, hard labour, having their hair cut off or having to wear a heavy iron collar.  The 22 authors tell vivid stories of the lives of these women, separated from family and friends, trying to establish themselves in the harsh environment of convict Van Diemen's Land.  The fourth book in the Convict Lives series is edited by Alison Alexander.


  1. Introduction: Women at George Town by Alison Alexander
  2. The Female Factory, George Town by Diane Phillips
  3. Spinning a yarn: Textile manufacturing at the George Town Female Factory by Linda Clark and Kim Simpson
  4. 'That bleak, cheerless Factory at George Town': Catherine Richards by Brian Rieusset
  5. 'Causing a great disturbance': Mary Cuttle by Cheryl Griffin
  6. 'Attempting to create dissatisfaction': Rosina Kernhapah Savilin by Chris Leppard-Quinn
  7. High jinks at the Launceston Hospital: Jane Torr by Andrea Gerrard
  8. A lasting legacy: Mary Sample by Judith Wood
  9. The other side of Shire Hall: Sarah Wilson by Stephanie Nugent
  10. Twelve times in the Factory: Ann Simons by Dianne Snowden
  11. A London rebel: Eleanor Lewis case by Jo Brodie
  12. A brief life after freedom: Ellen Smith by Leonie Mickleborough
  13. Troublesome teens: Ellen Murphy and Margaret Corbet by Lorraine Wootton
  14. Two Margarets and a Washington: Margaret Butler and Margaret McCormack by Keryn Rivett
  15. The tale of three Marys: through hardship to survival by Kay Buttfield
  16. Three illustrious lassies: Scottish convicts on the Lady of the Lake: Isabella Anderson, Margaret Armour, Ann Frew by Penelope Marshall
  17. Obedient women: Susannah Evans, Jane McDonald, Ann Green and Harriet Ponsford by Alison Alexander
  18. A life of trials: Janet Torens by Deborah Norris
  19. Stealing an infant of tender years: Rachael Wright by Christopher Riley
  20. A fiery redhead: Frances Todd by Dianne Cassidy
  21. 'Very personable': Sarah Watson by Peter Cox
  22. Survival at any cost: Ann Bennett by Joan Ennis
  23. The earl, the gold watch and the convict: Ann Garnett by Maureen Mann
  24. From turbulent teenager to esteemed matriarch: Catherine Bannister by Robyn MacKenzie
  25. The Islington angel and the needlewoman: Margaret Jones and Ann Brady by Norma Martin
  26. Your great-great-great grandmother was a wild child: Lydia Hines by Barry Gooding
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